A View At Natives of Bolgatanga By Ben Bond In “Portraits of The North”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the farthest most Ghanaians have travelled within the motherland is within Greater Accra, Central, Eastern and Western Region. Let’s make this easier – I’ll take my right hand off these keys to own up as belonging to this category.

Music: Friend Medley By Denzel Agyemang-Prempeh

It’s 04:07 and on a normal day about this time, my radio is tuned to Sweet Melodies with a cup of unhealthy fizzy drink or a book in my hand. Today, I have with me a slice of pizza from last night, and as I scroll down my FB timeline, I came across a video that recognized with my spirit. It couldn’t have been any less refreshing.

GHANA Is 60 Next Year!

Someone asked me this morning, “so how old is Ghana?” and I answered, “our motherland is 60 next year”

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