Hi! I’m Mary, Jesus’ Mama

I should be the happiest woman to have ever lived. What else would satisfy one’s soul than to know and hear directly from the One Sovereign God that he’s found favour in your sight and decides to start the remarkably world changing revival through you? I mean, I was pregnant for God! Imma let that sink for a few seconds…

20 Fingers, 20 Toes Twinning

The first and greatest miracle to ever happen to me was being born a twin and I say this with embellishment. Twins have the tendency to be the best of friends or drift apart and be the worst of enemies, because our personalities either connects us or separates us, especially when we find the naturally close relationship to be stifling.

Hey! Take A Look At Your Playlist

You must be aware of the power of music and its upshot touch on our spirit and soul. You know how it makes you feel and how it brings to your remembrance certain memories you thought you’d buried, most of which you decided never to unveil… even the emotions. Some argue that it’s the words that have that effect; but unless you’ve listened to music without lyrics having a pronounced effect on your emotions, you’re not justified to start the argument in the first place.

You Are A Virgin, So What??

So you’re a Virgin –pure, unblemished and untouched, but that’s fine because it is that ultimately priceless gift hubby will pride in on the night of your first P-in-the-V experience.

My First Lover

First Lover = God = Jesus Christ = Church.

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