IN THE DM – S02 E01

  Do we want love or simply want to ‘try things out’? Do we know why we want to love, what our deepest needs are, why we want companionship? Is it to escape from something within or to unite that ‘thing’ we feel isn’t entirely whole? It could be “I just want to be happy”.

An 8-Hour Crush Story

Surprisingly, the little things that cause a category of women to crush on other men have no if not less bearing on physical appearances, although physical appearances play a critical role. Exactly 4hrs ago, Nick Seun Adatsi pushed one of my vulnerable buttons in a simple online platform mention, and I crushed in a heartbeat.

So, About Mr. K…

He checked all my boxes, except he was a pretty good singer so I couldn’t make fun of his singing voice. Coming to think of it, there was nothing peculiar about him I could make fun of –I crushed, real hard.

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