Creō Concepts Introduces Guru and Agyingo In A Short Skit – LA GATA

Apparently there was a Telenovela with the caption LA GATA which caught so much attention from the locals. Even now, LA GATA is an expressive for Telenovela.

I Can Text This Way Too

Well idk, prhps if u stop txt’n dis way n strt 2 ryt in ful, hu knws, I myt as well. No, am nt a PARTY POOPER. U’ll c dat am more PLEASURABLE whn u r able 2 knw da dfrnc btwn “am” & “I’m”, and hnstly use dem APPROPRIATELY instd of focus’n on txt’n wid’out VOWELS. Is it dat u cnt spell da words? BE HONEST. Oh! I gt it! YOU USE A SMART PHONE WITH AN AUTO CORRECT and the T9 PREDICTIVE TEXT BUT YOU AREN’T SMART AFTER ALL. We know of the Internet abbreviations; LOL when you’re […]

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