Now That Valentine’s Day Is Over, Let Me Tell You About Mr. A1 & The Awkwardness

It’s nice to have some breathing space on my TL now that Val’s Day is past. Back in the day, I used to laugh at my older single friends for gnashing on February 14th; you should’ve seen my face anytime I scrolled through my FB and IG timeline. Yeah yeah yeah we celebrate love everyday and don’t need a special day for it… Right 🙄 . We celebrate the life of Christ everyday and don’t need Christmas too, right?

Unveiling “Curio-City” Clothing Collection Satisfied By Mille Collines

It is necessary that as Africans, we are acquainted with our identity and culture. The spirit of Africa engulfs a blend of originality, creativity, strength, culture and… I’ll call it and unexplainable chi. Appearance in style and fashion is in no particular order a part of African identity.

Maybe Muscles… Yeah! But Practice Puts Brains In Them. Meet Fitness Model & Coach Randy Kotey Kotei

In this day, it is only fair to want the easier way out and in to everything. If it’s faster, simpler, more efficient even temporarily, why not? After all, the opportunities lay bare in plain sight, and even the closed doors aren’t locked. When it comes to staying fit and healthy, we are not ignorant of the fact that it takes a lot of work and devotion. I am personally a lover of it, and I know how lazy it gets especially with jammed up routines and day to day activities. With this thought, I decided to feature a cutting-edge […]

NO! Pot Belly Is NOT A Sign Of Wealth

We get it – the wobbly bits of protrusion and fluffiness make you humanly imperfect, who wants to be perfect anyway? You wouldn’t want to deny yourself of the popularly susceptible line “I’m not saying I’m perfect but…” 🙄

Club Sandwich & Spring Rolls At Café Kwae Is To Die For!

The first struggle was in pronouncing the name rightly. Apparently when I asked one of the attendants to pronounce it appropriately, he effortlessly put me to shame.

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