Fictional Truth – E01 – Bonsa (Western Region)

Two things are two things alone – Patriotism and Nationalism. The patriot is proud of his country for what it does and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; they are indeed two things alone. If patriotism creates a sense of responsibility where one feels obliged to protect the land on which he lives, then nationalism is about protecting the way one lives on his land.

MASQUERADING APTNESS – Photographed By Yomi Akanni

If you are to search thoroughly on this blog, you’ll realize I’ve said all there is about photography and themed photographs, but this caught my attention and I wondered what there was left I could say differently from the rest – UNUSUALLY SPECTACULAR, this one.

#RedOnRed – Photo Series By Gerard Nartey

We think we’ve seen it all until it’s recreated expressly – from texture of skin to lighting, saturation and depth of field, even themed photos. Can we then say there’s no creation but recreation the world of photography, art and lifestyle?


Having spent a satisfactory amount of time with photographers and photo subjects, it feels quite prickly to see every individual with an expensive camera and kick-ass lenses effortlessly hanging the Photographer’s Tag on their chests. In light of this, I engaged 3 prominent photographers around the world whose brands you’re highly likely to know of if photography is your forte. USA’s David Matthews, Nigeria’s Aham Ibeleme and Ghana’s Nana Kofi Acquah  share their genuine views on Who Earns The Photographer’s Tag.

LéFrek – The Freckle Woman Of Colour

After 299 years of photography, it is predictable how the art evolves as we evolve – photographers become responsive to other forms of art, and we see with time how all forms of art have merged into photography. You’ve not been around since it started, but you’ve read about it, you’ve observed. Today, photographers don’t only capture moments, they capture so much more that pettiness begin to look momentous.

Colours Of Life With A Touch Of Melanin – VIDO (COLOUR MANIA)

The creative mind is never exhausted; when exhausted, it is a there or thereabouts a valid course to be ingenious. Here is a look at one flamboyantly ingenious work of art by Nigerian Creative MUA Kazeem, popularly known as CassKoncept.

A View At Natives of Bolgatanga By Ben Bond In “Portraits of The North”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the farthest most Ghanaians have travelled within the motherland is within Greater Accra, Central, Eastern and Western Region. Let’s make this easier – I’ll take my right hand off these keys to own up as belonging to this category.

The Colourful Black Woman

Should we keep stressing how beautiful black is until you’re tired of hearing it? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Besides the skin is everything else about it – from the extreme ends of both temperatures to the strength in our bones, from the unique endowment of our feminine features to the estimably fearsome men, then there’s originality in craftsmanship and evidence in our own prints.

Photo Of The Week : Butterfly Effect

Just as each act of the kind heart grows each time it’s passed until a guileless courtesy develops into an act of selfless courage, so is each slight unkindness.


The Ghana Most Influential (GMI) honours Ghanaian personalities who have in varied evident ways contributed to the growth of the motherland – Lydia Forson came 70th through public votes.

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