Your Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 5 – Mimi

Selfishness cannot even explain the passions that turned into pain, and the pain that transformed her consciousness

Your Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 4 – Joel

You must have agreed, at some point in life that in relationships, even friendships, one person has to love the other one more. I used to think same but now, I think it’s #&^0!

Your Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 3 – Kwabena

Death comes for us all, not just once in our state of living, but the ultimate end of life happens to us all once we no more live.

You Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 1 – Fauzia

When iron is identified as wood, it is only reasonable to treat the iron as wood

Naadu – Episode 10 [Season Finale]

We deny the truth only because our illusions must stay real to us… unaltered, unscathed.

Love Is Blind… But After 3-Months

Many at times, we find ourselves in a down for the count effort to impress and excite the ones we fall in love with. We are inclined to show them our finest part, and often only see same in them because we want to… perhaps because we are blind to everything else but that. It could be that, this defines the prevalent view “love is blind”…

Naadu – Episode 9

…but why won’t you cook for your husband??

So Valentine’s Day Passed And…

I wanted you to compliment my new hairdo when I sit by you on the pew on Valentine’s Day. I was curious of how it’ll look in your eyes yet never gave you prior notice of it because I’d wanted to surprise you. Did I expect too much?

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