It had to be an inside job… it had to. It takes an inside job to attack one so resilient to emotional injury. I mean, who gets room so freely enough to cause such trauma? It pierces too deep I cannot explain how it feels anymore because I cannot see beyond this ‘deep’.


I had to edit this intro since the man sitting right next to me in the bus is stealing glances at my screen. Hah! He laughs. Perhaps I should just continue by letting him in on the nucleus of this piece – love on the south side, companionship all the way down, revenge on the right side, some hope left, and unwavering desire holding it all down in the bull’s eye; nothing deep.

An 8-Hour Crush Story

Surprisingly, the little things that cause a category of women to crush on other men have no if not less bearing on physical appearances, although physical appearances play a critical role. Exactly 4hrs ago, Nick Seun Adatsi pushed one of my vulnerable buttons in a simple online platform mention, and I crushed in a heartbeat.

Your Decision Lost The Ring – Episode 2 – Naa Lankai

What if we had power over CHOICE, will we choose to have it or rather not?

Naadu – Episode 10 [Season Finale]

We deny the truth only because our illusions must stay real to us… unaltered, unscathed.

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