Can You Relate? – STORY OF MY LIFE – E01

Skits say it better. We agree they aren’t particularly perfect as the human characters; the images are either blown up or understated, but good enough to alter our senses. This new comic series by Creo Concept’s GHANABA captioned “Story of my life”, shares relatable scenes of the typical Ghanaian girl’s life.

Creō Concepts Introduces Guru and Agyingo In A Short Skit – LA GATA

Apparently there was a Telenovela with the caption LA GATA which caught so much attention from the locals. Even now, LA GATA is an expressive for Telenovela.

Afia – Friday’s Gift To Ghanaba

Call her Afia, Efua, Afi, but this girl is hot!

Naadu – Episode 4

Life’s twist and turns, we never really get it until we are in the turn and the twist reformed us, opened us up… opened our eyes to see, that the plan was for our good after all

Pass Patipiso, Past Participle, Or Is It Present Continuous Tense? – Creō Concept Tricked Us

You must’ve seen this video already, especially if you’re Ghanaian and fully understand the dialogue. If it didn’t make you laugh, you’ll need some anti depressants. Allow me to translate it into the English Language, literally: Mr. Creō: Akwasi,when you find yourself doing something incessantly, how will you term it in English Language? Akwasi: Pass Pasitipo Mr. Creō: What did you say? Akwasi: Pass Patipiso? Mr. Creō: Pass what? Akwasi: Pass Pasipito Mr. Creō: Herh! When you keep doing something… when you keep on doing something, how will you term it in English Language? Akwasi: Pass Pasitipo Mr. Creō: Pass […]

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