Tonight, we finally get to finish watching THE CONJURING II. It’s still mysterious how we failed to copy it to my machine twice!

So You Disabled Your WhatsApp Blue Ticks Feature Because??

You cannot get away with this… there’s no way around it; you’re definitely hiding something, and I know it. Question is, ‘what are you hiding?’ ‘Who are you hiding from?’

He Asked To Text Me Too, In The Trotro!

The average Ghanaian man’s Trotro Diary is most likely jam-packed. I’ll try to fit this in a few letters along the margin lines.

I Can Text This Way Too

Well idk, prhps if u stop txt’n dis way n strt 2 ryt in ful, hu knws, I myt as well. No, am nt a PARTY POOPER. U’ll c dat am more PLEASURABLE whn u r able 2 knw da dfrnc btwn “am” & “I’m”, and hnstly use dem APPROPRIATELY instd of focus’n on txt’n wid’out VOWELS. Is it dat u cnt spell da words? BE HONEST. Oh! I gt it! YOU USE A SMART PHONE WITH AN AUTO CORRECT and the T9 PREDICTIVE TEXT BUT YOU AREN’T SMART AFTER ALL. We know of the Internet abbreviations; LOL when you’re […]

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