I Am Never Seeing The Dentist Again!!

I Am Never Seeing The Dentist AGAIN!! I am in so much pain this very minute… so much that I could give that dentist a blow in the face that could fracture my knuckles. The tooth extraction was today, and it was successfully done. But the pain is agonizing. Give me, in exchange for this, the pain I felt days ago when my wisdom tooth was utterly unruly. Please! I would not wish this for my worst enemy. I’ve experienced diverse pains, but this is indescribable. I can even feel the pain in my knees. “Relax your jaws… relax your […]

5 Days Until Extraction! The Dentist Said

If I could curse this wisdom tooth, I would, but what’s the use? The pain is excruciating and unbearable. No, this isn’t the first time she’s alerted me of her existence –it’s actually the third, yet the most agonizing. Have you ever felt wiser feeling your wisdom tooth shooting up? Then take it off, please! Doc, please. DAY 1 – THE DAY BEFORE… It was only but Friday I had a shoot during the day, then had dinner with a friend and laughed my heart out fluently. The pains begun to settle in on Saturday, but I had 2 papers […]

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