Yep… experiencing a writer’s block unfailing for several months felt like my brain was fried, and every inspiration although cognizant of each moment, appears to be locked in a room with glass doors; it makes sense breaking into your own house, doesn’t it?

Writer’s Block S#cks!!

Israel Allende says “write what cannot be forgotten”. Let me try; This picky sentence has been re-written innumerable times in different way. It started with the story of a sheep, distorted to the couple I saw last night touching each other behind my house, then I began to narrate the story of the lady who got attacked by armed robbers in my neighborhood –no I didn’t witness it, mother put in the picture. I’ll try not to delete this sentence… phew! I didn’t. Heard of the Ghanaian couple who recently gave birth at Bradford Royal Infirmary to their third set […]

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